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a creative produce company that connects Asia.

As Tokyo welcomes here Olympic Games in 2020, we anticipate the need for a diverse range of approaches to meet an expanding foreign demand which includes, among other things, the development of marketing services in connection with marketing promotions overseas, business development and domestic investments such as in the creation of foreign consumption as well as the acquisition of cognition and interest in self-made products and services by domestic enterprises that are expecting an increasing number of foreign tourists. In particular, 1 in 5 people from Hong Kong, Taiwan and other coastal regions in China visited Japan last year as a result of lifestyle change. This has caught the attention of Japanese enterprises, which are increasingly focusing on how to efficiently develop the mind share with respect to the different buying behaviours and services even as more companies such as in food businesses, tourism and other services are participating in international exhibitions, etc.
At New Maxx, besides the relationships of New Maxx HK and New Maxx Tokyo, we leverage the domestic advertising marketing service network in Asia and our expertise to offer high-quality and domestically realisable services, which include also approaches to the diversifying international needs.
A part from Hong Kong and Tokyo, we are expanding our network in Asia and around the world.
New Maxx continues to grow to meet your needs.

The "Inbound"
key to a borderless world starts
with overseas programmes.

We expect an increasing number of foreign tourists visiting Japan in future as her government engages to meet the Year 2020 target of 20 million foreign tourists. Besides the usual "binge shopping", foreign tourists visit various parts of Japan for a variety of objectives. It is necessary that our strategic engagement includes more than just these objectives. New Maxx is widening her network in not only Hong Kong and China but also other neighbouring countries in Asia.

  • Inbound PromotionSupport the expansion of overseas cognition and interest in the creation of foreign demand by leveraging the domestic network.
  • Inbound MedisSupport effective information diffusion and understanding of our products and services by leveraging targeted domestic and overseas media.
  • Promotion Produce & ExecutionOne-stop service which includes planning and execution of domestic and overseas marketing activities.
  • Production Planning & ProduceOverall creative production planning by leveraging the domestic and overseas network.


Leveraging the capabilities of New Maxx Tokyo and New Maxx Hong Kong as well as our global and Asian network expertise in diverse fields, we are well-placed to offer marketing services of exceptional quality that conform to the domestic environment in each country.

The Company

The Company

New Maxx Limited.(HK)
9/F, Yen Sheng Centre, No 64
Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
T/ +852 3151 7512 F/ +852 3568 2773
Founder Steve Lo
New Maxx Tokyo Inc.
10/F, Akasaka Residencial, 9-1-7 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1070052
T/ +81 3 5413 7765 F/ +81 3 5413 7762
Co-Founder Hiroyuki Yamaguchi
  • Founder/ Steve Lo
  • Marketing Director / Alex Lo
  • Co-Founder / Hiroyuki Yamaguchi
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  • Photo Creaitve Director / Johnny Tung